CI Glossary

Abbreviation for asbestos cement pipe
As built drawings
Also known as record drawings: A set of docuemnts that represent what was installed in the field after the project was completed.
Abbreviation for additional
Abbreviation for above finished floor
An inert granular material that along with water and cement are essential in concrete
Air Content
The total volume of air voids in concrete. Typically, a test for air content is completed on concrete from delivery trucks when delivered to the construction site after 1.5-2 cyds of concrete have been offloaded from the truck.
Anti Tracking Pad
Sediment and control measure used to minimized sediment leaving a job site.
Abbreviation for Alternative
Changes made to the contract docuemnts during the bid phase that become the part of the contract. Plural: Addenda
Air Pot
The device used to measure air content in concrete.
Add Alternate
A portion of contract work that the contractors shall make part of the bid however the owner may elect to complete the work or not at the bid opening. Also known as Bid Alternate
Abbreviation for anchor bolt, which is a connection of a structure to a base